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    • "Our kids NEED HELP - they don't learn anything new at school, but rather are more focused and attentive to latest online game, the latest game system available, TV, texting and cell phone conversation. How can we find something to motivate our kids and learn?"

    • "I couldn't believe the Gaming Krib could exist, and now found out WE can EMPOWER our kids with play time and enhanced learning. As parents we couldn't thank you enough for building such a useful social network with many SO many features!"

    • "We are so amazed at the results our kids have produced in recent mid-terms - and we added to the creations! Their learning commitment has increased, we spend more time as a family exploring projects in town, and homework gets done! We couldn't thank you enough. Thanks Gaming Krib!"


What is the Gaming Krib?

That depends on who you ask. We are an constructive learning, collaborative social community with a "positive empowerment" design for parents, kids, educators or anyone wishing to contribute! To parents, it's an excited response to the question "Did you do your homework, contribute to the community, or win an Award today?" (knowing yes is always the answer). To the principal, it's an applied and interactive learning center with an Ivy League flare and measurable results. For the teacher, it's a curriculum developed by acclaimed educators and parenting experts, where paperwork and pop quizzes are replaced with interactive learning and collaborative projects while earning prizes and awards. For students, it's just fun! In short, we put our platform in "FRONT" of everything we find that will motivate a child to learn and earn (popular games, internet sites, TV).

From Arne Duncan to GK..."Best wishes as you move forward."...Education Secy.


Goal: Parents and educators will now have a tool that encourages learning and creative problem solving. By motivating children to "empower" their recreational time, our suite of products will achieve balance among television, games, online use, and cell phone time.

Come join our village ...always open, always building, always free!

CHILDREN, PARENTS and EDUCATORS will have access to new interactive learning games, social networks (KRIBZONE), (KRIBZONEJR) and virtual worlds that are built upon their achievement from their work and exploring their community!

Children now have double the benefit since the educational Zones, "Kribaseedia", created by ANYONE with our expert editors and our Collaborative Projects will shape behavior to help reach both short and long term goals.

Additionally, kids (and Parents) will be able to pick from a list of ten non profit's (including Child's Play », a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games to over 40 hospitals worldwide and Project Kindle » a HIV/AIDS education and outreach program) contributing part of the membership fee (10%) to them! More »


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  • "I work for the leading software company, making the most popular game. I'm afraid for my kids who have started to play too much games...Your product is perfect! We now are able to communicate more effectively with our children, no hassle of crying and screaming - we are "empowered"."

    Anonymous Game Developer - Seattle, WA

  • "My 17 year old has ADHD and has had numerous escapades and problems. My self esteem and confidence in trying to raise my children properly was so depleted. I thought I was a complete and total failure. My dad showed us The Gaming Krib. I love the style of learning and earning, he takes pride in doing the work."

    Evan Stern - Dumont, NJ

  • "Within the first month, we noticed a major change. He does his homework!. Through the program, we were able to understand how to deal with him and what to do about it. My father always tries to bring new parenting tools into our house and it seems it is a very sound investment. Thanks Dad for such a great gift, love you!!"

    Eddie Hecker (Father of 2) - Monsey, NY

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